Trapeze Galore

 As always, I have some pretty cute lingerie set available at ! 
Also, started selling these in Little Italy at Ossington and College (Arts Market!) if you want to check them out in person :)
 I've been slightly obsessed with the is trapeze silhouette, it's so flattering on all body type!
The above dress is in size Small, and below is size Large. Also available at Em.Me.Ma (7181 Yonge street), Arts Market (846 College Street) and online:

 The newest creation is the Fall Kimono. I've been wearing it everywhere on top of crop tops, long sleeves, sweaters, it's just so easy to throw on and I love the versatility of it being reversible and have pockets! These will hit Arts Market a little later, but available at my shop !
 Last but not least is the Long sleeve marble dress, it's the same as the trapeze dress but with a ribbon and two sleeves. I winter-fied the trapeze dress basically. 


B Ramida said…
Ricademus said…
Great creations--pockets are a must (or at least should be :)
Excellent post (as always)!

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