My Interview with Michael Charbon and Asia Trip!!

It's out! This was aired in Peel Region GTA so I never got to see until months after it was aired. Funny part is that after I collected the DVD they copied for me, I realized I don't have a DVD player (since I use a MacBoob Air). Anyway, I managed and voila! 
Warning: I didn't mean to offend painting!

It has been a while since I posted. The shop was crazy busy with the grade eight graduation dresses, prom dresses and university graduation dresses. Now it's slowing down as wedding season is slowing down. 

Here are some snapshots of Thailand, Phuket from May!

Had to finish my Asia trip with one last night out! Looking back, it was so surreal. Four Destinations (Thailand-Phuket+Kohphiphi, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan-Kaohsiun), three weeks. So mind-blowing the things that we saw, did and ate! Also met some incredible people, I am definitely inspired to start a new collection. 

p.s. missing those coconut



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