Downtown life

I'm so happy to be living downtown toronto. I'm writing this as I'm sitting on the Subway to my boutique and a guy speaking to himself and whoever will listen to him about how he doesn't need a computer.
Any who. Yesterday I went to the George Brown College's Fashion showcase for the graduating students. This year was held at the new lakeshore  campus which was stunning (despite the crazy hail whipping my bare legs as I walked the huge intersection). The front desk spent some time looking for my name badge as it was categorized by programs and I attended two.  Turns out I was in the industry pile.  I'm in the industry! Cool.

The portfolio display was so nostalgic of everything I did back when I was a student, but I must say they seemed to have upped a notch since I was there. I was especially ecstatic to talk to all my previous lecturers ( and amazed they remembered me haha).

Afterwards my friend and I hit up Momofuku for the first time, I'm such a foodie lagger. It had three floors,  first for casual ramen, second is a bar and "milk bar" #momomilk. And third is a fancy 11 course fine dining. Ramen was super yummy ( though I seldom not like ramen), Santouka's broth is better but definitely enjoyed the atmosphere here more. We tried the melted apple crumble soft serve dipped in cereal ( i asked them what's really in this cereal because it tastes like Crack, they admitted to butter and salt haha). Got a compost cookie to go, just ate it this morning (cookie for breakfast,  what a champ eh?) Which was delicious, burst of coffee flavour along with a whole  bunch of unexpected flavours; which explains the name.
I recently put up my pole, it's been eight whole months since I've touched one! 
My dad looked not very surprised when he came to visit and asked if I'm running out of my money. My stepdad frowned, and my mom squealed telling my stepdad to get one so that he can dance for her.

gotta love my family!
I finally tried Lady Marmalade in Leslieville! About time. It was such a beautiful, warm Saturday too. 
I got the pulled pork bennie -definitely get the avacado, bacon and brie one though!

sewing sewing...
sewing sewing painting sewing



artsychic said…
Your pics are very nice! :)
Tanya said…
Nice post. It's amazing how you have good balance to hold your body on the pole.
Ricademus said…
Your parents are pretty cool! And of course you are in the industry...your fresh ideas are the best part of it. Which place you you most like to visit again, momofuku or Lady Marmalade???

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