Rosegold Life and NORMCORE?

I ADORE my signature 14k rose gold necklace I got from Etsy and Vivienne Westwood earrings- birthday present from my mom:) and my Diesel watch I've had forever now but I replaced the straps! How did it take us this long to go gaga over rose gold? Though I'm not too bothered by Michael Kor's rose gold watch that EVERYONE has (no offence to those who have it...). 
Wearing DKNY dress with a transparent strap, absolutely love this dress.

Have you heard of Normcore? "Normal" + Hardcore. Apparently it is the new trend due to the oversaturation of fast fashion, blankness and simple staples is the new big thing. 

I thought I was finally growing up because a white oversized viscosee tank excites me more than a little black dress (true story, as I bought both from All Saints a month ago), then I was thinking "because I'm abroad, I need basics to survive" so I let myself be a little blah and blank... now I realised I just want to be simple and a little zen.

What do you think of normcore?  



Anne said…
That dress looks soo good on you! You are blessed! :)
rooth said…
I know some people who totally dog on normcore but sometimes you do need a blank slate and to not care as much about what you wear
Charu Sharma said…
I must say your style of dressing is very impressive! You have a fantastic blog and all the pictures are wonderful! Loved everything!

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Jake Schwartz said…
It looks stunning! Rose gold is rose gold, regardless of the brand. And your piece looks lovely, by the way. I imagine it will go well with most of your dresses and other outfits. Kudos to your Mom for choosing some amazing presents for you!

Jake Schwartz @ Gold Fever Catch it!

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