Sweet Lemon Smile

Shopping first time at the Conestoga Mall of Waterloo!
Got these incredibly comfortable Mocassins from Stepps and anklets from Aldo. I miss shopping back in Canada! Oh and the food... but I realize things aren't THAT much cheaper than Britain, with tips and tax I think the prices are just a bit more in Manchester (but food is way better over here obviously). I keep thinking it was sooooo much less over here but either inflation went up a lot since September or I was just oblivious. A lot has changed over here too, from Commerce Gate completely turning over all their old shops to different menus at the local diners. One thing is the same... traffic. Ridiculous how much traffic there is... or maybe it's even worse! Can't wait till I get to live downtown Toronto. 

p.s. I got the Samsung5!! Will be uploading a lot of photos taken from that phone in the near future! 

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Marina Ghirga said…
Lovely look!
Love the outfit, and the shoes! x
Kylie R. said…
You look beautiful! Love the top <3 Very sexy.

Anonymous said…
pretty look! Love the first picture lol. Have a great week.
xoxo, Ty
I Love your look and style !
I Love your look and style !
Sofia said…
Wow, this outfit is just stunning !

Bisous !
Sandra Leiva said…
Cute top!


Panama Asti said…

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post comments or reviews... Me will be very nice :)
Sartorial Diner said…
Shopping is always so much fun! Love the top too!
Love love love this pics!
Thank you for visiting my blog! Do you want to see my last post?
Ricademus said…
Those are nice shoes! No poutine in Manchester??? :)
Lizzy said…
love your tee!
Jess said…
That tee is adorable! And a day of shoe shopping sounds lovely!
Kathryn said…
That is such a cute lemon pouch! It adds a fun spot of color :)
Pau B. said…
Totally inspired by this casual look. I've been scouring blogger for cute casual looks. Will be sporting similar style asap ;)


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