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This is my hangover face, it was such a fabulous weekend. I think after a good night out I get the morning glow haha, which is ironic because I probably dented my liver. I'm just enjoying my last few months in England with no more uni work! 
We have a graduation banquet coming up and with the newly acquired free time, why not sew myself one;) this is the design:


P.s. This is one of my final assignment, and 100 hours of my life!

p.p.s. don't miss out on the May sale!

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Ricademus said…
That gown design is beautiful! It will be a huge hit. It's kinda not fair that your hangover face looks that good. It's been a long time, but I remember mine as being pretty awful.

I'm sure that dent will be out of your liver in no time.

Oh, not to rush you out of the UK, but it would be cool to see pictures of your relative's bakery again. Pictures are safer for me, versus being near all those tasty treats myself. :)
Looks like you had so much fun! :) I'll definitely look forward to that May Sale.

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Kizzy Von Doll said…
Looks like you had a marvellous time, lots of fun. The sketches look amazing, really cool. I hope you're having a great week, thanks for stopping bymy blog xx Kizzy.
Wowwww You're amazing!!!
The sketches are stunning
The Indian Savage Diary
Sartorial Diner said…
It definitely looks like you had so much fun!
Thats awesome you've attended your first rave! I used to be a big raver kid, now I usually go to one big festival a year. Loveee it! Seems like you've been crazy busy, me too! I hope your designs are going well- your final projects look great!

i can’t afford my lifestyle
Kylie R. said…
How can you look so fabulous while "hungover"? Haha :) I do admire how hardworking you are. It must have taken so much of your time and energy to do your final assignment. And that gown you designed for the banquet is absolutely beautiful!! So elegant <3 You are very VERY talented.
Marina Ghirga said…
Great post!
Stanislava E. said…
Hola, it's always nice when you wake up in the morning and you remember that the last night was crazy! No matter you have a hangover, haha. Uhm what is EDM? :D Looks like you had fun! Enjoy!

liifeandstyle said…
Beautiful Blog and Post <3
Kisses Lena and Fredi
Wow! You have done a fantastic job this time!
I am mesmerized by this post! Love it!
You do not know how glad I am that I came here! Big hugs!

I published 30 ideas for hair accessories (ornaments)- maybe you'll find something for yourself? :-)

Katherine Unique

MizzJ said…
That dress design looks so pretty! Can't wait to see the final dress :)

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