Graduation Banquet

As promised, these are some better pictures of the gown I designed and sewed up!
-for the occasion of my graduation ball at Hilton hotel! Such a nice way to celebrate the end of my bachelor degree:) 

twitter/ instagram: @emilysdiary

We did it!! End to another chapter, I'm going to miss this. 
I'm in Toronto for the next two weeks and then back to Manchester!


Kylie R. said…
Aw, congrats!! This is the start of a new chapter :) You look great in that STUNNING dress <3
Kizzy Von Doll said…
What a gorgeous dress, perfect for your graduation. Congrats...I hope you enjoy the new world opening up for you!! Xx
Rachel Trampel said…
Congrats! And you look stunning!!!!!!
Jo said…
You look gorgeous..I am following you on gfc, I would be very happy if you follow me back :) <3 keep in touch
Jyoti said…
You look superb :) keep in touch
Shiny Mathew said…
That is seriously a stunning dress and you look gorgeous in it.
Bright and Shiny
You look awesome babe
Maggie D.
The Indian Savage Diary
Couture Carrie said…
Absolutely gorgeous gowns, darling...

MizzJ said…
Congratulations!! You look gorgeous :)
Gina Vi said…
You are so beautiful!
Best wishes!
Look ByAudrey said…
Tu es magnifique et cette robe est trop belle bisous <3<3
Mira Devils said…
Congrats on your graduation! Your dress looks so marvelous. Omg you are so talented. It looks like a fabulous designer gown. Wish I could create something like that :D

xx Mira
Wow! Cool look!
Stanislava E. said…
Congrats! This must have been a big day to you! Your dress is adorable!

You look amazing sweetie!!! xx
DeVs said…
wow gorgeous dear
Ricademus said…
So many people already said "Wow" and I try to be original, but Wow! That is an awesome dress. Congratulations on graduating. With your talent I know you have big things ahead of you.

PS - Your posts don't show up in my reader (or on my blog roll--the old blog pops up instead). So today I unfollowed and re-followed you, hoping that would help fix the problem. Now I look like a newcomer! :)
lovely look! nice bag!
You made it?:o It's beautiful!
Benish Khan said…
Hi beautiful,
I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to. I'm now following you via gfc, keep in touch love x

Benish | Feminist Reflections
Stunning- girl! Absolutely amazing dress! I love all of its lines and little details, you cease to amaze me. Thanks for your comment, sorry its been awhile. Frigging congratulations on graduating, thats awesome! You are going to be huge! & YES! Lets def make a plan if you come to New York! I'd love to meet up!

i can’t afford my lifestyle
Manonnn said…
The dres is beautifl you really dd a great job on it!!!

And congratulation for your graduation!!!

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