DIY Friday and Chill Factore!!

as you see in the last post, I designed this floor length cream dress for my graduation ball!
Took me about two days to make, I am quite please by the way it turned out!! Will update with better pictures!
Also got these lovely K G Kurt Geiger heels to match, can't wait for Saturday!!

CHILL FACTORE! After talking about coming here for months we finally made it! It was so much fun despite it was a small hill indoors, it was definitely refreshing to be able to snowboard once this year! Then we had some Nandos and went rock climbing. what an adventurous day ;)



Kylie R. said…
We are dying from the extreme heat here in the Philippines so I find it amazing that you can actually snowboard!! Wish I could do the same :(
Anonymous said…
Awesome post dear ! xx
Sarah said…
Thank you!!:) Wow, you draw amazing :) Looks great!
Fashion-isha said…
That's an amazing dress!
beautiful dress :)
Sadie said…
Can't believe that you made this dress yourself! It looks amazing! :) xx
Lady parisienne said…
spectacular wedding dress!
Putri Valentina said…
Beautiful sketch and lovely dress :D

You designed this dress and made it? You are such a talent, well done!
Thanks for your lovely comment!

Kisses from London,
Alena | meet me stylish
Larissa Pereira said…
Beautiful draw!
I loved!
Instagram: @blogpeccos
Caro * said…
Stunning post ! :)
Ricademus said…
I could have sworn I commented on this post! Oh well.

The heels look more dangerous than the snowboarding. I'm glad you're coodinated enough to pull off both. My wife and daughter...oh man, it would be bad. :)

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