Topshot sweater, handmade skirt, Primark wedges

 In Leeds.... we built a robot.
His name is Jimbot.
we shopped at Trinity Mall, the architecture is so crazy. You think you're inside and then you realize it's a open concept to the outside at different parts of the mall. 
 finally been to the Alchemist!! The drinks were incredible, here we had this fruit infuse alcoholic tea.
So good that we got another one. 
and then FINALLY had a chance to eat at Roast+Conch, restaurant that uses cocoa in all their meals. It was so delicious!!
saw some farm animals outside of Leeds

this goat cracks me up so much hahaha! have a good week! 

p.s.  this was like 90 percent of leeds, at least from what I saw haha!


AEKK Charms said…
Nice pics! Love these styles! They all look genius!
Thanks for your sharing and posting!
Have a nice day!

Lynna Nguyen said…
What a fun post! I love the vignette editing you used on the photos as well ;)

Followed you! Please follow back if you've got a mo :)
Vania Aprilia said…
you look super cute in the outfit! you sure had fun in Leeds :D
I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia! my hometown is great,you should visit Jakarta some time ;)

Pudding Monster
Wow, so beautiful pics. *__*
Lovely greets Nessa
ChristelPaola said…
The Alchemist looks like such a cool place! great pictures :)

the pics are so funny!! cute wedges in first pic!!

Sarah Rizaga said…
Great outfit, i love your skirt!

Visit my blog: www.sarahrizaga.blogspot.com
Ricademus said…
Roast + conch? It sure looks interesting. That goat is funny--I didn;t know they could swivel their heads that way...kinda freaked me out at first. :)
Diva In Me said…
The food and tea looks delicious =)
Wow! Love the outfit! :)

Diego R. Wyatt said…
I adore Leeds and have wanted to go back and visit Alchemist. Great shots!

Caro * said…
Amazing pictures !
This outfit is beautiful, I really love this skirt <3

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