Saint Patrick's Day in the UK

Hope you guys all had an amazing St. Patties day/ Weekend. I didn't realise that in Manchester, the celebration started since Thursday! All well, I have yesterday and tonight to make up for it:)
It started 3pm yesterday at an Irish Pub in Chorlton called Fiddler (to avoid the congestions in city centre) and had a pin of Carlsberg and Corona. The atmosphere was so strange but nice. there were families and kids in the pub and a lot of older Irish Mancunians all dressed up! and one of the parents brought their daughter to take a picture with my friend and I because we had green wings haha... We met some locals and moved on to a bar/ restaurant. 

It was really nice and ate some tempura vegetable skewers with cucumber and pomegranate salad. I wish I remembered what the place was called... ( I just google mapped the area and tried to use street view to find it... couldn't.)
Then we walked down the street to the "Chorlton Irish Club", that was kind of odd, the building looked like a school, maybe they hold official Irish Society meetings inside. There were rectangular tables side by side (kind of like a school cafeteria) and of course a bar. Friend and I didn't stay too long there and we decided to retreat to her home with a box of pizza in hand and watched The Intouchables, it was an amazing French film that is both touching and funny (we tried to look for an Irish film but there aren't many that seemed interesting... a lot about love for their lands and musicals..)

Hoping it'll be a good night out with my girls tonight, I heard they do Patties day good in Manchester, lets see!




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