Don't want to grow up

Photo by Paul Martin

I cannot believe its already mid March! Another month and a half and I'll be done Uni and on the search for a full time job and dealing with "grown up problems". I remember freaking out about this almost two years ago when I thought I'll be done school forever after my Fashion Design and Techniques Program, funny how time flies and a how a few more years really allows you to grow. For now I just need to focus on getting through to May with all the final projects. 


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Anonymous said…
You'll be alright. Life has amazing things planned for you. You just need to stay positive :)
Ricademus said…
The first commenter is right, you're going to do great. You have so much to offer.

Does your mom's relative still run a bakery? I was thinking how great it would be to have a bakery in the family.

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