Happy Chinese New Years!

Please ignore my messy room! So last weekend was Chinese New Years :) 
My girls and I went to Sankey's CNY party and had a blast!!
Sporting my new dbleudazzled thigh highs! and I had absolutely nothing red to wear so I just wore my open back pink blouse... kind of red right?
and with my school project. I started testing out laser cutting. 
This calico was cut out with laser after digitizing the pattern piece onto Gerber and bringing it into coreldraw. Can't wait to get my lace cut out back!
Also, my new years resolution this year to follow through with pole dancing. I went to two classes back in Toronto at Flirty fitness but it was just too far and expensive. However, in Manchester, where everything seems to be double the price, pole class is dirt cheap! I've been religiously going three times a week and am so in love with it...
I love the fun, encouraging atmosphere of PoleFire and the structured, technical classes of Poletastic.


 UK boutique www.emmema.bigcartel.com 
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Anonymous said…
Happy Chinese New Year! Nice post, stunning pictures, and great resolution! And ouch the pole sure can do some damage lol. Hope you're having a great week.
xoxo, Ty
Anonymous said…
happy Chinese new year dear ! xx
Sartorial Diner said…
Looks like so much fun! And the pole dancing classes look intense! I don't think I have the stamina to do that, haha.
Vania Aprilia said…
happy chinese new year! I'm interested in joining the pole dance classes because you looked like you're having so much fun :D

Pudding Monster
libys11 said…
wow.. those are some bruises!!! but i applaud you for knowing how to pole dance!! wow! :D

happy chinese new year!

Animated Confessions
MizzJ said…
Holy crap those are some scary bruises! I've heard pole dancing is a fantastic workout though.

Happy belated CNY!
Lovely photos but this pole dance looks dangerous hah :)

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