This Holiday...

Sorry for being MIA, I've been a little preoccupied by holiday food...
Christmas Eve, my bf took me to Mr. Cooper's House and Garden at Midland Hotel, suppose to be one of Manchester's top restaurants! Definitely tasted delicious over a bottle of Rose Pinot Grigio. The appetizer and entree was magical: Vodka cured Salmon and Turkey Schnitzel.  
Can't remember the last time I did Secret Santa! Love my girlies to death!
(Pictures in my last post)
On the last day of the 2013, took a National Express Bus with my boyfriend and girlie to New Castle!
There, we partied away in an Alice in Wonderland themed club on NYE.
Look at all the delicious food my New Castle friend's mom made for us!! Didn't want to leave at all...
We also visited Durham and the Metrocentre. Three days wasn't enough!
from New Castle, we took a flight to Amsterdam (aprox 1.5 hours)
We landed around 7pm and was so eager to start exploring the beautiful city!
Can't even start to describe how amazing Amsterdam was.
first night we got lost and ended up at the Red Light District, we went in the prostitute museum which was pretty educational! Learned about the history and the facts and see the how their rooms would look like. I'd say its worth the 5 Euro entrance. 

Also loved the variety of food, such a nice change from Britain haha. We spent a lot of time at Central Station but we hardly made a dent, every day we discover new streets full of shops. We procrastinated, but finally made it to the Van Gough Museum as well as the Bloemenmarket (last floating flower market). It was hard to plan Amsterdam, everywhere we walked there was so much to see!
Swans chilling out at Red Light District
3 days and 3 nights was definitely not enough time in Amsterdam, especially if you're going to try out their special products ;) Where did the time go! Bring me back!
From Amsterdam we flew to London (30 minute plan ride + an hour in customs -.-)
Went for sushi on our last night together (I seriously miss the price of sushi in Canada, this costed 18 pounds, that's like $30, Toronto would cost half the price and probably fresher!)

The following day had to bid our farewells and headed back to Manchester on the train. :(


p.s. also made another custom animal in a pocket top for a customer as a gift to her boyfriend's sister! 
available here:

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a really nice way to spent new year!! <3
Melanie C. said…
Lovely post! Thanks for stopping by, sure we should follow each other, following you now on GFC, now waiting for you!


MizzJ said…
Aww you and your bf are so cute!
Amber Posts said…
looks like you had a great new years eve! loved this post
Amber Posts said…
looks like you had a great new years eve! loved this post
Always Maylee said…
Yum! All of the food looks delicious!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Sam said…
Looks like a fantastic celebrations, gorgeous picture of you all and the food looks amazing! I am so grateful for your insightful comments. Have a great week ahead hun!
Froso M. said…
Everybody was really preoccupied with food this Christmas, I still feel full!
Great photos.

I've just followed, I would be more than glad glad to see you in my list as well!

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