Lighting Technology in Garment

Nerding away these few weeks, writing a research paper on lighting technology incorporated into clothing. At this point I want to stab Harvard Referencing and have a few tequila shots before writing another word. This proves to be the most torturous assignment I have ever done in my life! 

I mean lighting technology in clothing is quite brilliant and fascinating, especially combine with rhythm of music or with sensors or communication interface or even with heat/ temperature, BUT when I have to talk about it referencing only academic paper .... that is another story. 

I think once this is done I'll be really happy with my work, in the mean time, I'm feeling sorry for myself ! Encouraging words will be helpful ;) 

p.s. last year this time, I was snowboarding... why hasn't it snowed yet in the UK?

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bbb said…
that's a super nice post x
Caro * said…
Great photos ! You are so cute. So lucky to have snow :)
Giulia said…
Amazing look, really love it :)
The Fashion Shadow
Dania Carbonini said…
Wonderful floral skirt!

>3 >3 >3 love this post!!!!!
Adorable post you look gorgeous
The Indian Savage Diary
Sartorial Diner said…
That lighted garment is so interesting! I love the photograph of it!
Zoya said…
great outfits! I like your blog and followed you :)
if you like mine you can follow me, too!
Gail J said…
Your work is superb Emma! Hopefully we can meet up before you leave for Canada xoxo

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