Wednesday, January 30, 2013!

I will be changing my blog from to in a week! 
Hope you guys will keep following! Thanks for all the support!

compiling a cozy outfit for the rainy cold weather. 
Marilyn Monroe tee from HK, Jeans from Mendocino, pea coat from Paris, Scarff from Fmp, clutch from Paris aldo accessories. 

My Latest Project
organza sleeveless peplum blouse and collar, I can't wait to finish all the rosettes. 
Have a great hump day everyone! (from jackastors)
i'm really loving my starfish earrings, they were brand new and I traded them off of a facebook clothing swap group, you should definitely check them out, a great way to get rid of things you don't need for money or swap for other cool things and find great stuff without spending a lot of money. I'm really trying to resist mass production these day (as i'm frollicking in tees and jeans lately, which is really shocking for me) and I want to just be simple and be an informed consumer paying a bit more for ethical practices. Fast fashion has a cost to it, pay a little more for the well being of another human. (interesting fact tho: I was researching H&M and Zara and surprisingly H&M's ethical practices are not so bad and they even use organic cotton in some of their apparels, but take their interpretation of "ethical" with a grain of salt).


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Corporate Social Responsibility

 So I'm loving my business ethics class, it really makes you think.
We were watching the Nike unethical practices, I remember learning of this in the 90s because it was so big. But not i's the 2013! I cannot believe it's still happening, it makes me sick that such huge corporations don't care about anything but profit. When workers are barely meeting their essential need across the world.. Well I found this group called Team Sweat, I hope you guys will join it and stay informed, it's so hard to do that these day (to evaluate every brand and their practices) but ignorant is the worst. And spread the word!

" the slave-labor crisis and blame runs deeper: "At the end of the day, the fashion houses are responding to customer demand. If customers will only pay the cheapest prices, regardless of what that means for the working conditions of those producing the goods, then the fashion houses will continue to try to meet that demand by turning a blind eye to sweat shops and slave labor. A business can't survive, if they have no customers. And what do customers want? To spend as little money as possible!"-greengopost

Then onto my other class, Apparel Marketing. We have to choose a debate topic related to apparel. We decided on "is it justifiable to use animal in our winter coats" a trend that is really big here in Canada. Coyotes, Canada Goose, Blue Fox and other animals are in a lot of the very popular jackets being sought after in Canada and it is justified that the fur is necessary to keep us warm, protect our face from freezing. Ok. I'm not sure if we will really freeze in the toronto weather... it's more of a wealth, showing off thing (they usually cost between $700-$2000)... and turning fashionable. At the expense of poor animals!! What do you think?
 recently moved again... what a headache!
White tee white jeans and booties. 
Maxi from BCBG, tee from Jack& Jones 
Happy Champagne birthday to my amazing friend Madison !

p.s. we were all dolled up but by the time we left for the clubs it was passed midnight and ended up in one of the grundgiest pub clubs ever. Lesson learned. check.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Business Card!

I've found it so helpful to have a business card these days, despite if you're young or what not.
Plus it's a lot cheaper than you think, to make it. I'm almost out of my first batch.
(which was a box of 500!) and now I'm doing a new layout, what do you think?
What are your views on business cards and what's the coolest one you've seen!
I've seen some cool shape ones and even holographic ones.
this was my old one

 some more pictures from my last photoshoot. 
check out the products on
and the amazing photographer he has a crazy story behind the images
 me behind the scene ! fixing the peplum gown I made for a wedding.
 finally got more Paris photos off my friends camera!
Have you tried Kinton? They are owned by GUU! So expect a lineup alllllll the time.
their ramen is so yummy with eggs that are nice and gooey in the inside.
and a very reasonable price too for about $10 a bowl. 


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I have come to realize that I don't post enough at all and as a part of my new years resolution I promise I will post at least once a week! (my other ny revolution was to never use styrofoam takeout boxes, so far so good!)

slouchy sweater. this is from italy bought 4 years ago.
my new watch! I've been looking at watches everywhere for the last year and even though my dad said he'll get me a nice one for graduation, I want once right now for myself, instead of using my mom's citizen watch that has no reflection of my style what so ever...
this is a men's watch from fossil.

 The Bay has a jewlery line called expression with great sales! This pirana ring was 50% off from $14.
Sweater from boutique in FMP.
Last but not least, what do you think of this giraffe print shoulder convertible bag?
It is made out of cowhide including the fur apparently. I first saw it at Caesar Casino in windsor for $300+ and now it is on sale for $230 I believe but no one around me seems to think it's worth it and I'm kinda inlove with it... 
skirt made by me, top from ardene (don't get things from ardene unless you want it to fall apart in a week) 
but I must say they've come a long way with the interior decorations and range of styles and now the clothing...


p.s. how amazing is this portrait, painted with Whiskey and Vodka 
all my alcoholic, party friends just got a little bit more interested in art ;)
by Carne Griffiths

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 2013 !

How was your new years and Christmas! I can't believe it's over now. Time really flies, back to school on Monday. It was nice catching up with old friends, I really treasure it because it's just way too easy to fall out of touch with friends! Have a great Sunday! 
P.s. had a great family trip to Blue Mountain avec le bf, and I learned to SNOWBOARD!! Ofc the day after I could not move a muscle in my body but it's all worth it :) The westin hotel had an awesome hot tub/ pool outdoors too which helped with the recooping. 

Last but not Least I finally got around to painting on the nerdy Library hello Kitty on a black tee. What do you think?