Bubble bubbles

this is my procrastination from my assignments. so much to do!
(I'm wearing Titika shorts, Winner's Cashmere Sweater/jumper, ettika bracelet 
I really wanted to post these photos up on instagram but didn't want to be too narcissistic. Thank God for blogspot! haha. I was actually saving the bubbles for a legit photoshoot but my photographer has recently been MIA, too busy getting high on something or another. 
In the mean time, any Manchester photographers out there!? 
After going for an interview at a totally non-related fashion job :( 
I popped by Primark ( I really don't want to support this monopolizing retailer but...) I got a free 25 pound gift card in one of the goodie bags that I got after a Primark presentation at my school. Perks of a fashion student! They seem like a company that I would learn a lot from; have a great training scheme. 

This morning I made some lace panties because the lace finally arrived from ebay! 
You can get your very own here :)

Last but not least. It is seriously feeling a lot like Christmas!!


P.S. made another batwing top, this time off the shoulder for a fellow blogger and customer in NYC!

 UK boutique www.emmema.bigcartel.com 
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Aghhh! You posted it sooo cool! I just hope my friend doesn't see it! I'm so excited to see it, you are so amazing!


libys11 said…
gorgeous images!! :)

love how you were able to make your own lace undies!!

Animated Confessions
MizzJ said…
haha high on... life? ;)

Cute panties!
Adorable post sweetie.
Kisses and Have a good week.

The Indian Savage Diary
Mouna said…
such pretty pictures! love those panties hehe <3
Caro * said…
Funny pictures. You are beautiful :)
Ricademus said…
That top is awesome. You should be getting lots of orders for those. I hope the photgrapher surfaces soon--for his own sake.

PS - My wife tells me no one sews anymore. LOL!

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