Sunday, December 22, 2013

food food et plus de food

Because food is so important! It really brings people together.
And the Christmas holidays is all about food haha. Had potluck with the girls from school, got my parcel of food from my fam back in Canada, and made Shortbread cookies (we tried to look for cookie mix but Sainsbury did not have, so we made it from scratch)! Also made some korean dumplings with kimchi, thank God there's a Chinese supermarket near by! I feel just at home :)
this is at the Christmas market in front of selfridge. Sipping hot cider to live music. 
This was at Tops Buffet, to celebrate finishing last day of uni for the year
and a sleepless week of report writing and sketchbook development sheets!
It was quite tasty for a buffet and for 8.99 pounds.

Second time at Gorilla, just as satisfying as I remembered. 
I got the mushroom benedict the first time!
Fish and Chip @ Tusk Bar, one of the best ones I've had in England. 
Monday-Thursday they have it for half price as a lunch special. 
Finally ate at Bella Italia, I think it's quite yummy and homey. 
my first ostrich burger @ the market by picadilly garden

Have you been eating like crazy this holiday?

p.s. made these for my secret santa but also available here!
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bubble bubbles

this is my procrastination from my assignments. so much to do!
(I'm wearing Titika shorts, Winner's Cashmere Sweater/jumper, ettika bracelet 
I really wanted to post these photos up on instagram but didn't want to be too narcissistic. Thank God for blogspot! haha. I was actually saving the bubbles for a legit photoshoot but my photographer has recently been MIA, too busy getting high on something or another. 
In the mean time, any Manchester photographers out there!? 
After going for an interview at a totally non-related fashion job :( 
I popped by Primark ( I really don't want to support this monopolizing retailer but...) I got a free 25 pound gift card in one of the goodie bags that I got after a Primark presentation at my school. Perks of a fashion student! They seem like a company that I would learn a lot from; have a great training scheme. 

This morning I made some lace panties because the lace finally arrived from ebay! 
You can get your very own here :)

Last but not least. It is seriously feeling a lot like Christmas!!


P.S. made another batwing top, this time off the shoulder for a fellow blogger and customer in NYC!

 UK boutique 
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Friday, December 6, 2013

city lights

I don't think I ever shared these final images with you from the Jenny Wong Cosmetic Fashion show.
Dresses sponsored and made by me :) 
Photographed by Michael Hung

purse: Dune, throw: Club Monaco, Long sleeve: Club Monaco, oxfords: Shoedazzle, thigh highs: primark

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