Pet the Furry Girls

Halloween fell on a Thursday, no big deal that we had 9am class the next morning. 
I've been anticipating this night since I set eyes on these faux fur!
All of us made of costumes from scratch, oh-so-proud- of my girls!
We hit up an oriental party and had a blast.

Happy Halloween!


p.s. I don't think I'll be working with faux fur for a while.
 I probably inhaled enough to have a fur ball in my stomach!

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Samantha said…
Aww, you all look so beautiful and you did a wonderful job on the costumes!
Sam said…
Wow, you all looked so fantastic, love these adorable costumes!Have a fabulous weekend sweety!
Alena Voroncova said…
You look awesome! Fantastic costumes!
Love your blog! Would you like to follow each other on gfc? Let me know! ;)
libys11 said…
omg!! i love how you went as a group!!! so adorable and FOXY! :)

Animated Confessions
Mouna said…
aww those are such adorable and fun costumes :)! everything looks so fun
Sadie said…
You all look so cute in your costumes :) xx
Fashion HotBox said…
how adorable! You all look so great :)

Gail J said…
such a cute and sexy outfit! xoxo
Kat said…
love your costume! so cute :D
Patricia G. said…
I love these pics!! You are so so cute!
awhite said…

Too cute!

Lindsey Marie said…
I would kill for your talent. I would be wearing these furry outfits all day everyday year round. You all look gorgeous/ tasteful with just a touch of hoochie mama. Halloween done right!
Magdalene R said…
You all look so amazing ! Loving those outfits! :)

maybe you would like to to follow each other with GFC? Let me know xxx
Your costumes are adorable! My bestie and I also made our costumes from scratch this year; we were punk rock sugar skulls. It feels so great when you make your own original costume as opposed to buying an overly produced one from one of those Halloween stores. Glad you and friends had a blast!!


Caro * said…
So adorable ! Your costume is very cute sweetie :)

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