Life is a Party, dress for it!

I am the biggest sucker for any type of market/ carnival/ festival. 
And the Christmas Markets are open in Manchester! 
I've gone only three times so far!
I went for a day trip to York for my friend's birthday. 
It is quite beautiful there, a lot of castle walls... proper british! They also have some beautiful stores, quite magical! I got scolded at taking these two pictures at the soap store! 
and of course Sunday dim sum! First time having chinese food since I moved to Manchester!
and the parties.
work hard and play hard right?
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 UK boutique 
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Amazing post!!!! I love the photos.
The Indian Savage Diary
Rachel Kromdijk said…
prachtige foto's girl!
goed weekend

Sadie said…
I love york, it's one of my favourite places! Love your dress too :) xx
Ricademus said…
That was soap? Wow, I thought Lush looked like food (cheese)! AT least I don't have to feel weird about the dim sum making me hungry. :)

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