Beaujolais Pantone 18-2027

and the sewing goes on in Manchester!

Pantone fall colour trends of 2013. 
So happened to find this beautiful shade of "beaujolais" in MMU's Hollings Faculty Resource Centre.
I used up the whole bolt (well, what was left of it), handing this in next Friday!
The hem is done with a two chain cover stitch, handkerchief skirt is lined and have side seam pockets.

One of my friend might be buying this.... thus making her my first UK client! 

p.s. I opened up my little UK boutique at check it out!
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Amazing look! I really like your dress. It's so cute.
The Indian Savage Diary
You are so stylish. This is one great look my dear.
Miss Margaret Cruzemark
Samantha said…
Did you make that? If so, wow! That dress is absolutely stunning and you look so pretty wearing it!
Caro * said…
Your dress is wonderful beauty ! Lovely outfit :)
Rachel Kromdijk said…
wauw prachtige jurk
im in love...


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