Day 13 Manchester

outfit: Primark Top, Nitrogen Demin, Dr. Marten Boots, Billabong backpack

I can't believe how fast time is passing!
I went pub/ bar/ club  hopping last night with my flatmates, that was really fun. We were in The Salisbury and I never felt so out of place, everyone was British, and there we were walking in as two indian, one chinese canadian and one singaporean. Ummm... talk about minority! Have you ever felt so out of place? But it was a lot of fun anyways, the bartender even came over and took a picture of us (and I swear, only us, maybe we're a rare specimen to them haha!), they said they will be posting the picture on their page. Can't wait to see that. We also hit up Black Dog Ballroom and Sakura


Adele Dattola said…
I love your look you're so elegant!
Patricia G. said…
Cool outfit dear!!
Gail J said…
i love ur top! would u interested in meeting with me? contact me if ur interested :)

looking forward to meeting you x
libys11 said…
fun post!! seems like you've been enjoying life!!! great effortlessly chic outfit, dear!

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Sasha Shabanova said…
Beautiful girl with beautiful hair! I like your style!
Ricademus said…
Manchester!!! That's awesome!

I just figured out how to get your blog posts to show up on my reading list (they should have been showing up all along, not sure why they weren't).

PS - Unless you stumble into a high-security restricted area, you belong wherever you are! :)
Caro * said…
Beautiful outfit ! I love your boots and your tee is very nice :)

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