Day 6 manchester


fyi I found a full length mirror in the "toilet" at my school (which is a floor below me) so now I come here every morning to use the nice big washroom (as oppose to the tiny little thing in my dorm without a sink!), find out if my top matches my bottom.  & refill my water bottle at the water fountain, I can't get use to drinking the tap water here... This might be a slightly weird thing to do on Weekends because the whole school is vacant! 

I haven't explored much of Manchester yet but I'm enjoying everything:) 
I can't wait to go shopping! Running out of clothes already. 
So far I've gone to a foam party at MMUnion, Missoula and ASDA (an Uk Walmart)
I have already finished 2 assignments + 1 presentation and first day of school is Tuesday!


p.s. I did a commercial a while back with my mom and dad! Here it is! Took us about six hours to make 30 seconds. It's airing on Fair Chid TV every night, but I realize none of my friends watch that channel! It's in Cantonese, basically I play the excited senior girl who got accepted to university and my parents actually prepared a condo for me. 


Anonymous said…
That skirt could kill a man
i love the first look, kisses
Lilli said…
Good luck with the school!:) Looking great, the first outfit is beautiful!:) Kisses! xo
Couture Carrie said…
Fabulous looks!
Love that furry bag!

Dania said…
Love first look, your bag is absolutely amazing!


nice look!
love your blog! Following u dear<3
Keep in touch!
Sam said…
You look stunning sweety, what a fabulous skirt and the bag is adorable! I appreciate you stopping by and lending me your views :)
Let me say that I really love first look !

i love the aldo bag but never see in the aldo store

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