sewed me a new toppy :)

Borrowed my friends awesome camera at the cottage and thought I might as well take some outfit pictures for my blog:) Top and Skirt made be EmMeMa. Hope you enjoy these. 

p.s. pic from cottage trip!


Patricia G. said…
Pretty! Love so much the skirt!! And the pictures!
libys11 said…
great outfit!! the skirt and top make a cute combo!

Animated Confessions
Sofia Clara said…
cute photos - love the editing. x
E said…
Love the pics and the shirt! You are so crafty! P.S. Looks like a fun cabin.
Megan Diaz said…
Too cute! Love the lil floral pocket!

Hot Pink Day
Libi & Lola
I love your style girl. You look divine.
Miss Margaret Cruzemark
Caro * said…
Fabulous style ! Your top is beautiful :)
I love your blog, girl! Everytime I look at at it... I'm just like whoaaa. I love you collection, so creative. & your photos are always super fun!



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