oh dear, summer coming to an end?

I'm so happy to have you loyal readers!
BECAUSE I've been THE WORST. at. posting. 

Life has a way of sneaking up on you and zoom goes a month!!!
Well it was my birthday and I turned the big 21. 
I planned a picnic (and bent my head backwards to find a portable generator to have lights).
I love birthdays, especially for someone like me who tend to have friends scattered around the GTA and they all have to come out! (one actually had to hitch hike a ride and another had to cab.. oh my friends are the best!!)
My client baked me vegan cupcakes :) and my boyfriend bought be the most beautiful Ettika bracelets (he actually told me we were going on a picnic and put the box inside two slices of bread, who thinks of that? haha) !! 
Also sneaked in a pic at work with them girls.

summer has been work, eat, tan and sew. 
 This is the process of my newest client's dress
Doesn't she look like a hot bond girl! So beautiful. 
The picture to the right is my client who loves natural fibres. 
The top is 100% Silk and the trousers are wool cashmere. 

Also was my boyfriend's birthday and I didn't know what to get him....
So I sewed him some boxers. HA. aren't I funny. 

The other day I was shopping and I realized it's been ages since I stepped into a store and the fashion is completely different than I remembered. A lot of crop tops and a lot more street/ hipster wear. 
This makes me feel so old... especially at Melville on Queen st. I ended up making myself a little crop top and silk screened a glow in the dark goldfish on it. uptown girl will always be an uptown girl. 

 pool time is the best after a long class downtown. 

Auberge Du Pommier. Finally! The first time there was a huge flood in Toronto and the electricity was out and it was crazy. Toronto doesn't flood. it's not suppose to. Yet cars were floating upside down on the highway. yikes. 
For the summer when I'm not sewing for my clients, I've been hostessing, teaching art and tour guiding.
Which is so exhausting at times and I finally broke into my bathtub at my new place! 
Jumped into the tub after a shift and scrubbed like a crazy woman in my underwear and then jumped right in. with my jodi picoult.
from my local library.

Oh and I just came back from a cottage trip in Muskoka Lakes. 
I wish I had a lake in my backyard so I can kayak every morning. 
Last but not least. DELICIOUS FOOD HERE. Prohibition. check it out. 
& don't forget about my GIVEAWAY!!


p.s. I made lace shorts this morning


peach said…
love the post, and the blog itself!!!<3 xx Peach

perfect hippie said…
Love these pictures.
Couture Carrie said…
Amazing pics, darling.
Love the red dress!

awhite said…
Happy belated 21st, doll! Love all the pictures!

Gail J said…
have a good day dear :)

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