Texas. and stuff.


SO, a summary of Dallas, Texas?
Lots of Highways, trees, and downtown is dead with a lot of new modern townhouses and infrastructures popping up. Reminds me a little of Downtown Toronto East. Minus people. Minus cute boutique.
And yes, everything is huge. But it's like a Huge mammoth store and then emptiness for miles.
Heard public transportation was put in place not that long ago, I can't even fathom how someone can exist here without a car.

Food wise, had a lot of Korean food, and Mexican food, and ofc my family did the steakhouses while I ate my salad. We also hunted down Chinatown (a resident friend here didn't even know there was one, that's how small it is). There was also complimentary breakfast and dinner at our hotel so didn't get to try too too much food.

I guess I can't really give a great depiction as I was mostly here to help out my uncle set up a business (which is actually a fashion wholesales company so I was hanging out in the getto wholesale area of Harry Hines haha)so all work and no fun (also not legal drinking age [ how crazy !? I've done so much in my life and feel uber old but am still considered a minor in the states!] not that I'm not about to go partying with my dad), however I got to squeeze some time out to visit two flea markets and some antique stores!
sorry for the confusion above as it's not from Texas. Grand Electric and Toronto A La Carte: Korean Food Truck (Steeles and Yonge) are foodies in Toronto that are so amazing! Also thought I should share this crazy strawberry soup I made with strawberries, wine and sour cream. It was pretty yummy. Link to recipe is here. Also said goodbye to my butterfly dress as I sold it to a customer!


p.s. For my beloved Torontonian!! 


Great blog :)

Karolina said…
wow, you look awesome! <3
would you like follow each other? xoxo
Let me say that I really love this post !!!!

❤ StylishByNature.com
Couture Carrie said…
Awesome photo collages!
And I love that lacy top!

Sabrina said…
Lovely outfit! :-) xoxo

Lilli said…
I'd love to visit Texas one day! All the photos are great! Oh your strawberry soup looks delicious, I'd love to taste it!:) Kisses! xo
Jessica said…
I always love all of your photos. It always looks like you are having such an amazing time.

Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com
Love your denim shorts, your style is just amazing! It all looks like so much fun, would love to go to Texas

Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin

What a fun trip and congratulations on selling your butterfly dress!
Jess said…
Oh yeah, Harry Hines is suuuuper ghetto! I can't believe you were in Texas! My family lives in Dallas but we are in Houston. Hope you make another trip back soon!

PS Is that YOUR proposal, or someone else's????

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