Her Beautiful Day!

I can't believe it has been over a year since I first met this Bride and I started designing these Bridesmaid dresses for her! The day finally came and I was so honoured to have been invited! 
It was a beautiful outdoor venue and she planned the cutest decorations from a family tree portrait on a tree, to games such as a giant Janga set! 
Not to mention a very elegant and homey banquet afterwards. 

I couldn't resist the cute photo booth haha.


p.s. last Friday my bf and I stayed in and watched a Marilyn Manroe film with a box of Mama's Pizza,
I am a little ashamed to say I've never watched any of her movies! 
Even though it has no Hollywood effect (or colour) it was still an entertaining watch. "Misfits" also happened to be her last finished movie, the morning after I watched many youtube videos of her life and her tragic ending... Anyway, the movie was fun, at times a bit irritating because of her helpless and ditzy character, but I'll let it go, it was the 60s. haha. And she IS stunning!


Wauw how lovely!!

xx Mounia
Kelly Yeh said…
what beautiful bridesmaids

<3 Kelly's Kouture
E said…
Those dresses are lovely. I love how well they tie together while still being a little bit different for each woman. Great job!
Lovely dresses! I love the different, but the same motif. It's what plan to have one day. You are so talented girl! Thanks for your sweet comments! & you should def watch more Marilyn movies! Thats my girl! Watch Some like it Hot- its a classic.

Care said…
This is just so darling!! Love the detail on each dress and how it fits each bridesmaid so perfectly!:) haha I wouldn't be able to resist a photo booth with a panda face either! You pull it off so cutely!:)
Care said…
I just love the detail on each dress- so darling!! Incredible how each one shows such fun different personalities!! I totally think the panda face fits you perfectly- way to be a cute panda:)
Krystal said…
they are all so beautiful!!! i love seeing your work!
Jess said…
The bridesmaids dresses looked gorgeous! But of course, I love yours the most!

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