Made my floral pants!

One night after work, I rolled out my grid paper, took out my pants block from my closet and pulled out my quarter scale note book and drafted a pair of pants.

Early in the morning I started cutting the fabric, serging the seams and put it all together.
Pants with slit pockets, coin pocket, five belt loops, a waistband and a fly front!
These are by far, my best made pair of pants :)!
Felt so accomplished 7 hours later...

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monica said…
i loooooove the pants
Lindsey Marie said…
You are kidding me! You made these? Incredibly talented, girl :)!!

Mili said…
Those pants look comfy and are in a gorgeous print :)

Mili from call me, Maeby
I CAN'T believe you made these. You look absolutely beautiful, I love these pants. Serious talent right here!

Katie Did What said…
WOW, they are gorgeous! You are so talented, girly!!! Amazing!

oh wow!! i am dying of jealousy over your talent!! beautiful!!
Couture Carrie said…
Awesome job, darling!
Love the pants!

Lilli said…
Congrats! They are so amazing, love them!:) HAppy Sunday, kisses! xo
Aghhh! You so talented! I love the pants! I can't believe you made these in 7 hours! It would have taken me like a week!

Regine Karpel said…
Great look!
Sabrina said…
Love it! ;)
honey my heart said…
those pants are so great. such a wonderful print!
You look so pretty, I love your style!

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