Saturday, May 25, 2013

I'm in the Milky Wave, you want me Down on Earth

Ever since I changed my blog name the page view per day took a huge toll... wish someone would've told me that before I changed it :'( I guess it's too late now, so here goes building my readers again!

Here's a dress I've been working on for my client, I posted it on a mannequin in my last few posts.
Finally got to see it on my client. She. looked. stunning. !!
Anyone need a prom dress made? Check :)

Hope you all had a great long weekend, I played tennis while watching fireworks go off:)
and while I'm in my very last summer course, I made an order..

I was SUPER excited for my little black shoes to arrive, which they finally did yesterday.
Of course I couldn't even wait a day before wearing them, I paired it with an Armani dress.

Loving the sun, and summer days of hanging out with my pup

I spent about 4 hours? Making this blouse. (I already had the pattern for it too!)
Cutting, ironing the pleats, french seam the chiffon (1.), fusing the mandarin collar and banding the armhole (2.), Double roll hemming (3.)

Last but not least, buttons! what button's should I use? or should I do snaps from the inside?

This item is listed on my online shop :)

Last but not least, whose been partying by the patios? 
I forgot how much I loved Summer and the events that comes with it in the Toronto!


p.s. I'm going away again! Will be a surprise, tell you all about it when I come back!
For all those who are in Toronto, remember to go to Dundas Square in white on May 31st!
Some huge paint fight sponsored by Corona, really wish I was there!

p.p.s. beautiful Dior !

Thursday, May 9, 2013


wow I feel horrible, I can't believe the last time I posted was almost a month ago :( my bad! 
I just came back from Hong Kong and brought back the worst coughing fit !

Here's a little synopsis . 
this is me at Ocean Park, got to see penguins, pandas, whales and the list goes on!
Until it started thunder storming...

and then I got deadly sick . . . 
 but all in all, it was a super fun time with friends, and many nights to remember!

this was probably my best and coolest purchase. A wax emblem. 

which inspired me to draw this pen and ink knight in shining armour :P
 anyway, back to reality. Summer school Day 1 OOTD. 
Club Monaco top, hand-made shorts, vintage belt, Diesel Watch, Uggs espadrilles 

p.s. some interesting things I learned this week: 
Abercombie and Fitch is racist, sexist and now, size-ist      
You, now, may have a chance to live on Mars! Have a good weekend!