inevitable pastels

Every where I turn, I see chicks strolling around in mint skinnies. I will not be a victim of fast fashion! (trying... but I just got the cutest peach Gstar (whom recently commits to detoxing their fashion!) skinnies from Show Room, can't remember the last time I splurged on clothing) 

"For too long the fashion industry has been polluting waterways around the world with hazardous chemicals used to print, dye and wash our clothes. G-Star and Levi’s have credible, ambitious and industry-leading commitments and action-plans for helping to drive the final nails in the coffin of toxic textiles. Both of these brands moved from greenwashers to potential Detox heroes thanks to the actions of hundreds of thousands of ‘fashionistas’, activists and concerned consumers around the world" -brands that will not commit includes GAP and Calvin Klein. 

Lets see what I learned in Ethics class this week... oh apple products! Did you know that all iPhones and iPods are made in Shenzen, China by a company called Foxconn. What is really sad is even though these phones are sold at such a high price, the demand for it ultimately leads to poor conditions for worker and even suicide (ie. overtime everyday, one worker worked 34 hours straight and died!) for more information check out this article.

cardi: Tristan America, top: Guess, sunglasses: Ray Bans, Purse: independent brand (Paris)


P.S. turned down FAT 2013 to go to HongKong this year!! Hopefully you'll see me in it next year:)


Izzy said…
the flowers look beautiful! and that's terrible to hear about the phones :( the markup is huge over the cost price, if that's the case.

Metallic Paws
little t said…
Gorgeous- love this nail colour!
Emma Waldorf said…
I love mint trend, not because it's trende, just because I've always liked the color.
Now I feel so fine for not having a sigle product form Apple.

Mili said…
that's so sad about the apply workers :(

on a more positive note, mint nails are also my fav way to incorporate the color :)

Mili from call me, Maeby
monica said…
still obsessed with pastel nails. i need to get a mint one!
Maria Celina said…
Thanks for sharing that insightful article and video about the finer details of the production of iPods and iPhones. It really makes you think twice about the true cost of things.

Pardon the sudden subject change, but I, too, have been seeing the mint skinnies phase. To be fair, mint in itself is a lovely colour, but fast fashion can be very costly and impractical in the long run.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
Sunny & Star said…
Those flowers in the little jars are adorable. I like the mint trend because mint has always been one of my favorite colors. Your nail polish is so pretty.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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(: Reb, xoxo.

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