I have come to realize that I don't post enough at all and as a part of my new years resolution I promise I will post at least once a week! (my other ny revolution was to never use styrofoam takeout boxes, so far so good!)

slouchy sweater. this is from italy bought 4 years ago.
my new watch! I've been looking at watches everywhere for the last year and even though my dad said he'll get me a nice one for graduation, I want once right now for myself, instead of using my mom's citizen watch that has no reflection of my style what so ever...
this is a men's watch from fossil.

 The Bay has a jewlery line called expression with great sales! This pirana ring was 50% off from $14.
Sweater from boutique in FMP.
Last but not least, what do you think of this giraffe print shoulder convertible bag?
It is made out of cowhide including the fur apparently. I first saw it at Caesar Casino in windsor for $300+ and now it is on sale for $230 I believe but no one around me seems to think it's worth it and I'm kinda inlove with it... 
skirt made by me, top from ardene (don't get things from ardene unless you want it to fall apart in a week) 
but I must say they've come a long way with the interior decorations and range of styles and now the clothing...


p.s. how amazing is this portrait, painted with Whiskey and Vodka 
all my alcoholic, party friends just got a little bit more interested in art ;)
by Carne Griffiths


Leslie said…
Mia M. said…
oh wow, this drawing is definitely amazing! :)


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Sunny & Star said…
I love all of the options for your business cards! They are beautiful. When I think of business cards I think of plain, boring business cards, but yours are definitely not those things!

Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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