Happy 2013 !

How was your new years and Christmas! I can't believe it's over now. Time really flies, back to school on Monday. It was nice catching up with old friends, I really treasure it because it's just way too easy to fall out of touch with friends! Have a great Sunday! 
P.s. had a great family trip to Blue Mountain avec le bf, and I learned to SNOWBOARD!! Ofc the day after I could not move a muscle in my body but it's all worth it :) The westin hotel had an awesome hot tub/ pool outdoors too which helped with the recooping. 

Last but not Least I finally got around to painting on the nerdy Library hello Kitty on a black tee. What do you think? 



Tamara Anderson said…
Happy New Year!!!


Jess said…
Glad you had such a fun holiday! I have to go back to school tomorrow too *sigh*
Ricademus said…
Happy 2013! I hope you're moving pain-free again.
Sunny & Star said…
Happy New Year! I hope your year is off to an amazing start.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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