Business Card!

I've found it so helpful to have a business card these days, despite if you're young or what not.
Plus it's a lot cheaper than you think, to make it. I'm almost out of my first batch.
(which was a box of 500!) and now I'm doing a new layout, what do you think?
What are your views on business cards and what's the coolest one you've seen!
I've seen some cool shape ones and even holographic ones.
this was my old one

 some more pictures from my last photoshoot. 
check out the products on
and the amazing photographer he has a crazy story behind the images
 me behind the scene ! fixing the peplum gown I made for a wedding.
 finally got more Paris photos off my friends camera!
Have you tried Kinton? They are owned by GUU! So expect a lineup alllllll the time.
their ramen is so yummy with eggs that are nice and gooey in the inside.
and a very reasonable price too for about $10 a bowl. 



Sofia Donatelli said…
Love your blog. It is filled with such great fashion!You look beautiful in your pictures.

If you get a sec, check out my latest post on my blog.

Lilli said…
Your business cards are very cool! nice snaps, love the photo of you fixing the peplum top, your creation is amazing! love your hair:) kisses dear! xo
Stephanie Lin said…
The photoshoot looks really fun!
Amy K said…
I need to look into making some business cards. Yours looks great! Thanks for stopping by my blog, would you like to follow each other?

Much Love
Rebecca Price said…
lovely pictures and great blog :)
would you like to follow each other?

Vale ♥ said…
Your business cards are all so beautiful ! I have mine too, they are so useful ! Love your blog, following you on GFC :) Kisses

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Sunny & Star said…
I have been thinking I should get business cards for my blog. I love your old ones and the new designs look beautiful too.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights
Krystal said…
love your card! happy new year to you :)
lizchewy said…
Your business card designs look amazing!! I love the second one~~ The pictures from the photoshoot look great. The peplum gown is gorgeous.

BeautyShades said…
Looks like a great photoshoot. The wedding gown is gorgeous.
Instant Milk said…
You guys look so cute! You are so so pretty and look super focused fixing her shirt!
Is that your bf? He's handsome. You two make a cute couple!

Come by soon hun, just posted a super quick nail design!

Jess said…
Yay! I love your business cards! And those are amazing photos of Paris!
Sabrina said…
Love the photos!!! xoxo
caise said…
great business cards!
Your business cards are so awesome; and I LOVE the behind the scenes shots! :)
sismade said…
check out this giveaway sweetie**
Stephanie Lin said…
Hey! Feel free to drop a line at if you've got any questions, and I'd be more than happy to answer them for you :)
nitinsingh said…
Really such a great blog...I like it...

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