Sunday, August 26, 2012

stitches and seams

Super excited to finish this Mint Brocade Dress.
V dip back, a upside down heart cut-out on the front, a flared skirt completed with a big bow at the back. The lining is super cute too with little crowns, side invisible zipper  and hem is blind hemmed by hand :) 

This Dress is my Baby.... haha.
Skirt I sketched out months ago, Love turning things to life.

 A Dress done for my client.

 Finally replace the invisible zipper on my lavender suede dress. 
I sewed this in January, what a procrastinator I am. 
Hope you are all enjoy the final week of Summer, I cannot believe school starts next week!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sewing my #*&@ off!

was super excited to try bleaching as a design element. I made these mint shorts from 100% cotton (which is one of the best material to bleach) and it turned out amazing!
Now I want to bleach everything..

Made this this morning! I call it the Little Princess skirt.
inspired by miu miu's $575! 

simple skirt pattern but the fabric speaks for itself; about time I use this fabric!

Last skirt I made this week:
again, I bleached it and out came... pink?! what a lovely surprise.


p.s. went to a bling swap off Uniiverse and it was so amazing!! Got so many amazing finds in exchange for little things I will never wear .. ever. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

splash and splatter

Made this top with chiffon on one side, polyester cotton on the other and bias strip binding and loads of  acrylic paint (some unfortunately wound up on my carpet..)

It's funny that when I started this top it was suppose to be a tank top but I didn't have enough of the soft brown fabric so I improvised and it turned out to become this funky piece. 

Fashion is so much like art; you have a vision but the outcome can never be controlled and it shocks you every time.

inspired by the top below

Sunday, August 5, 2012

sequins and softball jersey

Super easy tee to vest diy

nails inspired by pintrest. got a little lazy and didn't finish all of them..
fin izakaya. yum.
Melting Pot, turtles chocolate fondue and pineapple drinks!

p.s. made pyramid on centre island. how is your summer so far?!