fashion design and paris !

I was all set on doing FAT 2013 doing the "lend a Hand" collection when
there might be a big chance that I'll go into lingerie/ contour!
Which is super exciting but do I want to focus on that? To work with lace all day. um. yes!

So if I do decide to narrow my fashion pathway to lingerie I might be doing the planned dress collection!
What a dilema.
Here's is my "intertwined" dress. What do you think?
I feel like I fell off the face of Cyber Earth. I've been preparing my portfolio for Central Saint Martins (I'm out of my mind for applying but you never know!) and just recently came back from an amazing week in Paris (too bad I missed the Paris fashion week!). So I had my portfolio reviewed by an oversea representative and they recommend on really finding my own illustration style. The below is what I presented, I guess it is too generic and a little too crayon-colour-book looking. I will be experimenting and playing around with different fashion illustrations here so stay tuned and feel free to give me feed back! 

Here are my attempts of more stylistic illustrations.


(quick outfit pic in the oh-so-lovely washroom of GeorgeBrown Campus)
p.p.s. I should share some snippets of my trip to paris :)


Anonymous said…
cool Blog! Very inspiring :D
RDYN! said…
I think your new style approach is gorgeous. The gorgeous long elegant and elongated figures. I love the fancy faces and lips and super long eyelashed. I think they're distracting away from the dresses and designs.

You could try only colouring the garments and leaving the models clear. But I'm loving these sketches.
Sunny & Star said…
These illustrations are so beautiful. Plus, you look amazing in your photo.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights
Lilli said…
Congrats, the sketches and the collection are too beautiful! You look very nice, lovely pics! Love Paris!:) Kisses!! xo
Yulie Kendra said…
great post i like it!!! Maybe we follow each other !? Let me know , follow me & i´ll follow back :) Many greetings
BeautyShades said…
The dress is so beautiful. Nice pictures :)
Instant Milk said…
beautiful pictures! Looks like you had so much fun!!
Come back soon hun xx
Stephanie Lin said…
What a pretty dress! Your figures are so fun!
Amy K said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love your sketches, you are very talented! Would you like to follow each other?

Much Love,
Audrey Allure said…
Gorgeous design & love those illustrations!

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