Going Out Dresses You Need This Season

NYFW Zac Posen

 Design above and below are created and drawn by me



Ricademus said…
As you would expect, the advice is lost on me, but I really like your designs!

Have a great weekend.
Krystal said…
i think i need a place to wear those!
Tamara Anderson said…
WOW, amazing!!! Love them so much:)
M.May said…
I really enjoy your design sketch! I love checking out designer's signature sketch style and your 'eyelashes' really caught my eye! Very cute touch! =D

♡ M.May
s2danii. said…
that is actually amazing. You are soo talented!! Can't wait to see more designs :))
Cushh said…
I like this catwalk. lovely

Going Out Dresses
Great going out dresses pictures and nice blog.I like it.
In love with this dress- the color is absolutely beautiful! Also I really enjoy your design sketch.

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