Sunday, August 26, 2012

stitches and seams

Super excited to finish this Mint Brocade Dress.
V dip back, a upside down heart cut-out on the front, a flared skirt completed with a big bow at the back. The lining is super cute too with little crowns, side invisible zipper  and hem is blind hemmed by hand :) 

This Dress is my Baby.... haha.
Skirt I sketched out months ago, Love turning things to life.

 A Dress done for my client.

 Finally replace the invisible zipper on my lavender suede dress. 
I sewed this in January, what a procrastinator I am. 
Hope you are all enjoy the final week of Summer, I cannot believe school starts next week!!



Cinnamon and White Chocolate said...

first dress is my favourite, it's breathtaking *.*

Lilli said...

cute clothes dear! oxoxo

Christina Lala Lamz said...

WOW!!! Love that first dress ;)


Melissa Sonico said...

awww so cute! can you make something for me? :)
i moved my blog Sometimes Almost Always. have you checked it out yet?

Krystal said...

that black floral dress is so gorgeous! you're pry going to be famous someday :)

Ang Lam said...

You are so talented dear!! I wish I can sew as you do >3<

Nicole said...

Your creations are wonderful!!!

Lovely Idea

Mitha Komala said...

they are awesome, really love the second one! <3

Letters To Juliet

Kelly Yeh said...

LOVe these dresses!!

<3 Kelly

Stephanie Lin said...

Oh how fun! I always like seeing other people's projects. Great job!

C▲RO said...

wow its so cool that you can make such things!!

yiqin; said...

stunning <3

nadyagita said...

your baby sooo pretty!!


Sunny & Star said...

I can never get over the fact of how amazingly talented you are.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Joy said...

Such a pretty dress! Hope classes are going well!