splash and splatter

Made this top with chiffon on one side, polyester cotton on the other and bias strip binding and loads of  acrylic paint (some unfortunately wound up on my carpet..)

It's funny that when I started this top it was suppose to be a tank top but I didn't have enough of the soft brown fabric so I improvised and it turned out to become this funky piece. 

Fashion is so much like art; you have a vision but the outcome can never be controlled and it shocks you every time.

inspired by the top below


Ricademus said…
Very creative, miss! The top is really pretty--just make sure to keep sun screen on your shoulders.
Jessica Cai said…
love this painted chiffon halter top! always amazed by your creations :)xo jess
aiz kim said…
you painted that! wow, it turned out really great.
Lilli said…
so nice top! xoxo
Sunny & Star said…
I can never get over how talented you are. That top is so lovely.
RDYN! said…
Wow, really looks great and colourful. Perfect to wear on a hot day.
monica said…
great job on the top! it's beautiful
Bumbleberri said…
OOh I love this! DIYs are so much fun to do.

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BeautyShades said…
The top is so pretty :)
Andrea said…
Great DIY! I have just started to get back into sewing as well and it is great! Come check out my blog, if you like it I would love it if you followed me :)

xo Andrea

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