sequins and softball jersey

Super easy tee to vest diy

nails inspired by pintrest. got a little lazy and didn't finish all of them..
fin izakaya. yum.
Melting Pot, turtles chocolate fondue and pineapple drinks!

p.s. made pyramid on centre island. how is your summer so far?!


Lucca Yoga said…
Oh the sequins dress is hot.

Lucca Yoga
Krystal said…
i adore the glittery dress :)
RDYN! said…
Ahhhh damn, its your summer. But I'm still in winter. But you seem to making the most of it!
nadyagita said…
oh that sequin dress is fab! what a lovely summer :)

Sunny & Star said…
You look amazing and you and your friends look like you are having such a great time. And I adore your sequins. Beautiful.

Sunny Days and Starry Nights
monica said…
that sequin tee is to die for
Wynne Prasetyo said…
love your outfits! esp the first one with that sequin top styled in a much more casual way. gorgeous!


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lizchewy said…
Your nail design looks so cool!! It looks amazing even though you didn't finish it ^-^ I love your outfits and your wedges look so pretty.

Love your sequins top and your lovely wedges !!!
Sofie said…
lovely glitter top! your nails are awesome :) ♥

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