Friday, June 1, 2012

summer haze

This is what I want to feel this summer! Maybe I'll fall in a deep chiffon haze. 
I till have piles of chiffon fabric around!
 My fashion show at babyface. Must say it was a crazy night! 
I definitely shouldn't have tried three outfit changed between six models haha. 
I had a lot of fun and had an amazing makeup artist, Yvonne

 Out to buy some groceries for a day in the sun and there I spotted a firetruck just parked casually.

must not forget summer food:
nachos in the backyard. salad @ Alice Fazooli's patio &Caesar at St. Loui's


p.s. I did two photoshoots last week! Can't wait to show you all.
-here's a super adorable RING.


RDYN! said...

I really love the spoof shorts! They're adorable!

Rosa Pel said...

nice picture
you are so pretty

Lucca Yoga said...

I love your shoes, looks beautiful.

Lucca Yoga

Melis said...

that ring is amazing. ive never seen anything like it! thanks for commenting too! :) come back and visit soon. said...

Looks super great
have a nice and stylish week darling
come and say Hi,
The Dolls Factory

foodgazzmers said...

your look is FLAWLESS gurll, i was just gagging over you. where'd you get those shoes? they are baanging

Krystal said...

the pics from the fashion show look SO FUN!!! and thanks for your comment a few weeks ago on the homesickness, you were wise for sure :)

Jessica Cai said...

thanks for visiting my blog :D awesome pics! the ring is sooo cute haha following you back :)

C▲RO said...

looks so cool!!

KONANA said...

So many beautiful ladies!
That's a ring? With macarons?! OMG! :D