Saturday, April 28, 2012

My lingerie Collection at Alternative Fashion Week!

This was my debut collection "Briar Rose- lost in Arizona", a collaboration with Imke Sandra. 
I can't believe it's over! Three long whole months showcased on the runway for two and a half minutes!
Dr. Martens and Bizou sponsored us.

"Among the rest of FAT, Briar Rose’s Lost In Arizona collection is an anomaly. Coming after David C. Wrigley’s deconstructed tuxs, and after Zent’s startling work, the Briar Rose collection is shockingly classic. Intended to evoke the vistas of Arizona and the sun-soaked bodies within them, the pieces’ desert colours have a Victorian opulence, and its emphasis on lace, corsets, embellishments and mantled capes is stunning."


"What other fashionable bed-ready looks at FAT caught our eye last night?
Pastel lace lingerie, earth-toned draping capes and flushed-pink cheeks for Briar Rose’s Lost in Arizona collection"
-Elle Canada fashion magazine


Monday, April 16, 2012

End of a fashion design program

It was portfolio the other night and we had the opportunity to showcase our creation over the last two years.
bustier, dress, blouse, pants, skirt, jacket.

this was spotted at Laura petite and I love the overlay of tulle and applique! 
the first kankerchief skirt I made, in wool, took me one short morning.

a typical day at school, going on a timmies run in raggedy boots and a two way scarf.
can't believe school is over in four shorts days!