Monday, March 26, 2012

had extra acrylic paint so I made this shirt (first time banding the collar!) and painted on braids on to the side. 

a month from today is going to be the FAT fashion show! So excited.


p.s. been watching project runway while drafting. How do they make whole outfits in six hours when it takes me a whole day just to draft and make the pattern of a cape!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunny Toronto

It has been such fabulous weather in Toronto! In the 20 degree Celsius. ridiculous!
That does worry me a little bit about Global warming ..
but for now I'll enjoy;)

I've been working on a Jacket for school. Kinda ugly, I know, but we didn't get to design them :(!
Bustier for Evening and Bridal Wear class
sneak preview of what I'm doing for F.A.T.
Cape for F.A.T (unfinished)
took over two whole day to make a cape!

need to make three more Capes for FAT and five lingerie pieces in a month, no sweat. 

this vest I made at the begining of winter but I never came around to wearing it, what do you think?



 If you're in Toronto it would be amazing if you attend our show (April 26, 2012)!