Monday, February 27, 2012

it's reading week!

some amazing photos I found.. what inspirations! 
Boyfriend brought me to eat at MoRoCo Chocolat. 
I ordered a vegetable pie, they serve it without the crust and it was this fabulous creamy mash potato with every vegetable i could think of tucked carefully underneath. Also tried some mushroom puree soup, trout and  fries but the most exciting part was the dessert!

Lo and behold, the Malteaser! a HUGE ball of chocolate that when you pour the hot chocolate sauce over, melts to reveal three frozen ice cream! Very cool but not quite worth $20 something. But still, you gotta try it once.

wearing armani blouse, ellison beaded skirt
breakfast galore. 
Beast is definitely a place for the meat eater. Have you ever heard of french toast with duck? 
apparently the must have (if your into deep fried chicken is the following: mcbeastwich: buttermilk biscuit, fried chicken thigh, pimiento cheese, 2 fried eggs, pork sausage gravy and house potatoes 12
 Fran's is just a typical diner near me, I love that they're opened 24/7 and it just feels so homey :)
mood board I did in Adobe class
I died a little when I saw these shoes !


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines day!

got to love George Brown's festivity ;)

I ended up taking up the hem and topstitching straight across which a lot better because there's already so much going on. I love what you can do with old table cloth ;) 

I used this fabric for a feathered skirt too.