Thursday, January 19, 2012

Graduate in three months!?

 @Marlow with the coolest people!
Lucy is wearing a maxi length Guess Dress and I'm wearing a Denise dress
I'm still having a crisis with what to do with myself after I'm done my fashion design program at George Brown, I actually applied for the business/ management program today at GBC... as it would overlap with the one I'm finishing so I can get my second diploma in less than a year.

I had my heart set on FIT in NYC but for some reason I don't want to commit to school for another two years. All I want to do is set up a studio and create for a year. What to do what to do!
It's so scary when there are endless options but each choice I make is going to determine my path into the "real" life! 

In the midst of trying to make a life changing decision, I've been hanging out in Laurier, sketching my bf's room, headed to London, Ontario(road trip!) for a photo shoot of some of my dresses for the Caisa Fashion Show (The show will be March 31st, 2012 at Western University! ) and then occasionally I chill at the Snack Bar at Nathan Philip Square serving Hot Chocolate.

Then at night I like to bar hop on Bloor street (very seldom, actually) ended up at Insomnia (chic bar with $5.5 martinis on Thursdays!), Yo Yo Yogurt (I can never get enough of my frozen yogurt despite below zero weather!), while wearing my fuzzy mitt from Jacob. Latest project I'm working on are five bride maid dresses for a client! Super excited!

P.s. I've been feeling like I'm not giving back to the community (compared to the grade nine girl I was, eager to volunteer anywhere and everywhere), I'm not quite sure where to start in the heart of Toronto, anyone have any tips? I definitely feel especially obligated to give back after watching In Time. We keep complaining about  the small things in life when truly, we are the fortunate and blessed ones compared to the hundreds of thousands out there who don't have family, shelter and/ or food. 


Jen said...

Cute pictures!

-marta said...

adorable pictures, I love your hair!


Ricademus said...

The business/management degree could really be useful in helping you build on your creative talent and th eyear would go by quickly. But whatever path you take, I know you'll be successful.

Alina said...

Good luck, honey!Love these pictures!

Michaela Scalisi said...

lovely pictures :)

xx Michaela