Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the drug dealers ring

Mendocino over siszed knit sweater
Bedo studed leggings
Dynamite black floral tube top
Jacob Boutique hat
gif make
and the cape/poncho(what's the proper term if there's no arm hole or sleeve?) jacket from Winners that I am loving to death.
It's suede shell and super soft wooly material inside, which keeps me SO WARM.
animator gif

Since I'm no drug dealer, what should I put in this little bird?

Jacob Nail Polish.

Bought some super exciting fabric, can't wait to show you my creations :)!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

sipping Ginger tea without tea.

ahh stupid blogspot! I lost all my writing!

               So I have always been a tea person because, well, everyone knows how good it is for you, right? WELL I just learned recently that it stains your teeth terribly! -worst than coffee (reform coffee-holic here) So now I might drink tea or coffee maybe once a week, I tend to make lemon ginger drinks. I feel like I don't need caffeine because it doesn't have much of an effect on me, but the aroma is what gets me. How's your caffeine intake routine and what do you think?


Another outfit to work: Jacob polka dot top, roomate's belt, cypress flats, blazer from HK

since I moved out, all I have been making to eat is salad/ cereal/ toast.
decided to change it up with a grilled cheese sandwich filled with mushroom cucumber and tomato:)

Last night, as my friend and I were about to head out to menchies, we decided to check out this fondue place in Yorkville called "MoRoCo Chocolat", I've been hearing about it for a while now but it exceeded all expectations. The place is absolutely stunning! From the victorian chairs placed so orderly outside (like out of Alice in Wonderland) to the velvety atmosphere inside (straight out of a hip hollywood movie), to the glimmering Macaroons in shiny glass cases, I just fell into heaven! I was ripped between the Malteaser dessert and the fondue.

 I ended up sharing the fondue, but there wasn't a candle to keep the chocolate warm so in half an hour we were kind of dipping our fruits in cold chocolate... but I can't wait to go back and try the rest of the menu! Oh did I mention stars from Degrassi, Vampires diaries, Channing Tatum, Amanada Seyfried have all been spotted there/ autographed the wall with chocolate handprints?

p.s. next post I'm going to share some assignments I've been sewing in school (back to the sweat shop environment haha) and I bought the cutest poncho jacket, can't wait to share with you!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

deuxieme jour de travail

Talula pants, Zara Hk knit top, Bakers heels, scarff made in Japan

As most of you know I'm not much of a black and white person but here I am all black about to go to my second day of work in retail/ my first weekday shift.. luckily it was a cold day so I can rock this awesome mustard yellow scarff as I walked to work. (The gold beads on my top got my in trouble by my manager..)


Thursday, September 8, 2011


I've been really slow with replying all your lovely comments lately because..... wait for it.......

I MOVED OUT! to the HEART of Downtown.

It's been crazy, exciting, refreshing and a little lonely.

Danier Leather Jacket, 
Scarf from Japan, 
US shorts, 
Mexx purse

I had a sad little day today, it started pretty nice as I was breathing in the fresh downtown air (oxymoron, I know, but it's all psychological) and got to school in a snap. Then slowly the tedious classes and the dull drone of drafting and sewing teachers' voices tore down my enthusiasm and seven hours later I was released back into the world.
  As I approach the subway station I realized I couldn't find my TTC token, I'm struggling to balance my muslin, notebook and Markers(huge roll of patterns) in one hand while trying to find my wallet with the other. I ended up having to take my sewing box out of my purse -which dropped and vomited all its shit on the floor. GREAT...
  The walk home greatly contrast the mornings when you're carrying 20 pounds of stuff and sweating in a leather jacket. Then home sweet home right?
No! I sat on one of those high bar chairs at my kitchen and as I checked my voicemail I managed to entangled my bare legs and fell off a 3feet high chair. It was quite a long and hard way down.

Now. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. 

I really adore these sexy lace-ups. I spotted them in Cosmopolitan and drooled a little. Are they not the sexiest. I'm not a huge fan of red but these bad boys would be absolutely beautiful with a casual neutral dress.

and with the coat on the right, which I also adore.

Anyone else notice how fast it took for Toronto to mutate from frolicking in next-to-nothing to Coat, scarf and mitts wearing weather?
First time rock climbing, such a cheap, exhilarating sport. Can't wait to go again!

I apologize for the quality of my photos, Just humour me while I take candid photos with my phone.
my friend made fun of my lame non-collage on the wall so I actually changed it up :P
anyone hit CNE? I finally splurged on a Konad Stamping Nail Art set at the CNE.
Harder to do than it looks but super fun
 Finally a couch in the living room, Fabulous wall art stickers sold at the dollar store beside me!
$8 Pillow from Walmart (though, from experience, please make sure your pillow doesn't smell like barf)

This is officially my favourite summer place, Menchies!
Nothing more liberating than building your own frozen yogurt treat. Peach is the best, hands down

How did your summer go? Can you believe it's already September !


p.s. tomorrow is my first day of training at a new job. I'm finally paid more than minimum because of past experience, I feel like I got promoted in life! even if it's 50 cents..

p.p.s. what do you think of the sheer maxi skirt trench?