Sunday, June 26, 2011


MIA for a week traveling around Fort Lauderale, Bahama and MIAMI BITCH!
Now back to school on tuesday!
I'm totally ready though as I'm broke. : )
We had a silk screening class on the last day of my semester. So much fun! Expect to see a lot more silk screening on my designs !

super cute nails? by Abiii
Liz Black's degree collection for Central Saint Martins, 'Arty Society'.
Lady Gaga was spotted wearing one of these (of course)
thanks Haute World for sharing this !

Outfits of the week:

1. HK wedge boots, dad's old flannel shirt, H&M shorts
2. BSK work boots, Grandma's skirt revamped, Costa Blanca belt
3. Zara Skirt, UB top, Modern Vintage Heels, Owl necklace
4. Escada Heels, Princess² dress, Christopher Kon purse

Oh yes, and I officially have my own label !
(not sure why it won't rotate..)
my sewing summative project that I promised to share!


Monday, June 20, 2011

occasionally a breath of hurried stars

sneak preview of a photoshoot my friend terence helped me do for my latest creations

like the clothing above? check out my store :)

I've always love Vancouver... but why the stupid riot over a sports team!
This viral picture, however, warms my heart.

Pretty in pink? I think so. Friend's friend's 20th birthday.

life's been stressful, my boyfriend decided to order dessert as appetizers for me:')
Nervosa @Bay & Bloor
5 days until reading week. two test down, one more to go and 3 projects!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

My angel

Things like this only happens in movies.
Life isn't suppose to suddenly stop for a girl my age...
She was so happy, kind and modest. She welcomed me into her group of friends when I was the "new girl" in school and from then on I knew she was a kindred spirit. We shopped, ate and talked about our faith and dreams. Life happened and our roads separated but ever now and then our paths would intersect and warmth always spread across my lips as I embrace my friend.
I remember her favourite colour was white.

What a difference 24 hours make. The difference between life and death.
I'm in such shock, I can't comprehend the physics of this situation. How can she not be on Earth? How is that possible. She could have been me. What if it was me? It isn't fair, she didn't deserve it. There are murderers, rapists and drug addicts roaming the street yet a sweet innocent uptown girl was taken away.

Everything happens for a reason, it's in "the plan". right?

to everyone that is reading, take this as your second chance. Love yourself and love others, don't ever hesitate following your heart, be kind and nice, be generous and give. Anything can happen, cherish all that is good and turn away from all that is evil. Life's too short to waste a second on negativity.

Live life to the fullest, every day is a gift and you never know which one is your last...
Rest In Peace Heidi Wong. I love you and you've forever left a footstep in my heart.
Your my beautiful angel in heaven now.

Monday, June 13, 2011

cherry blossom fashion

Modeled by Lucy Qi
Photographed by Luke Lau
Designed by me

Though I wasn't on site for the shoot due to my classes, I was quite pleased with the results, what do you think?


P.s. Yes, I can't believe it's crunch time again! I don't mind doing drafting homework for 12 hours in a row so much if I get to stare at these lovely roses...

will be sharing my fashion projects ;)