Sunday, October 23, 2011

Intense "project runway" experience

I was chosen with two other students (through a mini project runway challenge to make a skirt, in the post below) to represent George Brown in the annual Creativ Festival's Catwalk runway competition.

Challenge? Create an outfits for a guest, inspired by a 50s style icon, to the royal wedding. 

 I must say it was one of the most crazy, draining, rewarding experience. 
First of all, throwing three designers with completely different visions together, is.. frightening. 
Especially when we are so passionate about our views!
and then we were faced with major fitting problems (try three inch difference at the shoulder seam)& technical problems ( we don't know anything about hat making, why did we think we can make a wide brimmed hat!?)

Did I mention, we were at a convention centre, FULL of people browsing and shopping? So we had to fight through crowds as we haggle for cheaper fabrics. We were given a budget of $200 and everything used in our outfit has to be found at the convention centre. Everyone was super sweet, many people donated things to us: threads, elastics..
we spent $198 in total. 
unfortunately we didn't win, but we still got amazing prizes including a steamer, swarovski beads/ necklaces.. and $50 cash :) 

It was quite the experience. Midway, when a supervisor saw that I put cardboard in the hat, she asked if I bought it at the convention centre (I did not) and she said I'll get disqualified if I used it and I almost broke down! It's so exhausting because we've been at it for about 12 hours for three days!
I love the result though. 

yellow. bouffon skirt. what more can a girl ask for! 
onto other things..



Krystal said...

it looks really great!!

Jet♥ said...


Mai said...

pretty (: doesn't matter if you didn't win i guess it taken part and process^^

CMPang x

Antoinette said...

I think you done really well nice outfits <3

unitatan said...

wow, stunning dress you made there <3

.Le Reveur.

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

That last dress is amazing, so beautiful.