Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Je suis retourné!

I think Ruby(New Zealand Designer)'s line  is pretty amazing. Courtesy of Yong Red Violets
and aren't these the prettiest cigarettes you've ever seen? Not that I smoke..

sorry for being MIA! But I just came back from a two week vaca in HK!
so lets see what I did this summer. I went through most of my summer bucket list:
-shooting (well if totally honest, it's airsoft. shh)
-pole dancing (you would not believe how much of a work out it is! and your wrists get pole burns...)
-drinking up peach bellinis 
-drive-in movie! (the rise of the planet apes)
-eat and eat :) Eden is this amazing little Restaurant overlooking the city of Toronto and Lake!

 here's another two shot of my friend modeling one of my latest creations :) sold at my shop

H&M over-sized Top, Ardene necklace, Zara floral straw Bag, HK Scarf&vest
When I'm Jet-lagged I grab a pen out of habit and my hand just hypnotically moves.
Would you have guessed this is Mila Kunis?
Hope everyone's having a great summer! I can't believe it's almost coming to an end! 


do you like my hair extensions! I've been looking everywhere for some nice, affordable ones. I also got an awesome red wig, I'm gonna be little Mermaid for halloween ;)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Black Goldfish & Twisted Wrap Mini Skirt

inspired by the two wonder girls blog!

my friend Kaitlin is modeling my Black Goldfish dress:

 my pale yellow gold fish dress!
I made it without a pattern so it was crazy stuff, there's lining, top stitching, princess seam, slight neck gather, a natural waist line and I hand silk screened the gold fish.
check it out at my shop
Friend with Benefit stars Mila Kunis in a super cute twisted mini skirt!
(oh i absolutely adored the movie! So cute and funny)
I'm not hundred percent sure, but I swear the two skirts above are the exact same (and maybe reason why it's now out of stock).

So I decided to make my own in a stretchy dark olive colour fabric.

 my dog's jokes.
write a line a day for five years.
I spotted this cool book at urban outfitters and ordered it on amazon for like seven dollars less and it finally came in the mail.

I absolutely am obsessed with documenting my life. blog, diary, photos, scrapbook. I think memories are so important! Do you feel the same way?


p.s. My first legal drink at Joey's, anyone tried out the new one at eatons centre?
They have these fabulous ahi-tuna tacos that are to die for!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

19 19191991999191919 NINETEEN.

Day before my big 19th bash I thought to myself, what am I gonna wear?
found three fabric piled up in a corner; cotton, cotton blend and polyester. 
gather and stretch and silk screen and voila.
I celebrated my birthday at Marlowe

How amazing is the cake! First thing that popped to mind is "this isn't mine. OMG it has my name on it! OMG ITS A CAKE? OMG CAKE BOSS". Best cake ever! 
No party complete without some washroom pictures8)

I read in the magazine how to do this simple up-do. Divide your hair in to three vertical sections. tie a loose bun with the middle section and pin up the remaining hair strip by strip hiding the elastic.

I cannot believe I'm 19! It's unreal! 
Though it's like the moment you become legal, no one wants to ID you. 
how was your 19? or what are you planning for the day you turn legal!?

This picture(in prev post) was very inspiring so I drew it.

Sneak preview of a photoshoot I did yesterday, my beautiful friend Kaitlin helped model my shirt and shorts!
I am absolutely ecstatic to see the rest! There were over ten outfits! Spent about 4 hours in the studio.