Sunday, July 24, 2011

bright colors and gaudy vulgarity

I made this last night with a lot of twisting and pinning and Silk Screening!
I believe this is 53% cotton, and there's lycra and something else in the fabric.. if you can tell, the sleeves are not quite sewn in yet! How do you finish off a stretch fabric's neckline?

I promise this looks better in real life. okay, no.. my painting skills a little rusty!
This is my dad and I, he is (actually)abnormally young looking, and I didn't know how to paint him any older! 

I've been loving my July semester, even though I have a few sewing projects here and there, I am loving the 4-5 day weekends! Been loving the sun, and enjoy the night life of Toronto! Thus haven't been sleeping much, Now how's this to sleep in!

so I got a Paintlounge tee size Large and revamped it!

Tee to a Dress DIY.
1. find a tank top/ sleeveless dress and lay it on the tee as a template 
2. Cut the sleeves off at a 45 degree angle and gather it, (baste stitch and pull it tight together)-sew up the garment, right side to right side. attach/ ease the sleeves


Painting dad and I in my new dress:)
Woodbine beach with the ladies.

"I've got a streak of what you'd call cheapness. I don't know where I get it but it's - oh, things like this and bright colors and gaudy vulgarity. I seem to belong here. These people could appreciate me and take me for granted, and these men would fall in love with me and admire me, whereas the clever men I meet would just analyze me and tell me I'm this because of this or that because of that."   -the beautiful and the damned.
by beer bong I mean beer pong, did I mention I'm turning 19 in 4 days?!?!?!

here is the first Blouse I ever made (in fashion fabric), Polyester Chiffon, Mandarin Collar, Separate Placket, lace trimming and crystal buttons!
chiffon fabric and separate placket should never be in the same sentence.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

like the insides of a rose

inspired by a nail blog :P
Here's my vintage (ghetto)sewing machine, that have helped me make the below items:)
Gathered shorts with lace slash pockets (school project, I know it's funny-.-)

I finally had the chance to upload things I've been working on. Sorry I keep advertising my store but if you like the above items, you can purchase them here!

I just returned from one of the most amazing cottage trip at the Blue Mountain! I never knew The blue was right beside wasaga beach! So I got some tanning and serious roasting of marshmallow (on tree branch!) going on. On our drive back, we dropped by an outlet mall where I picked up these $5 sneakers/vans that I doodled on all the way back home :) added acrylic paint for a splash of red.
some pretty amazing photos found on tumblr(below)...
is tumblr taking over blogspot.. :( ? I've been meaning to discuss this topic! I know a lot of ex-blogspot-ers went onto tumblr and it's the "new" thing but I've been hoping it's just a fad, but twitter was the new thing too and now it's clear it's as main stream as facebook. So do we all have to pack our suitcase and move onto the tumblr cyber real estate? Because to be frank it took me FOREVER to get the hang of blogspot, and now I have to learn all over again for tumblr... wow I'm talking like a old geezer who can't adapt. Anyway, would love to hear your opinion !


Leaving you with the cutest video you'll see in your life!
Made my heart melt and makes me feel like a kid when everything was simple and exciting!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

boom boom boom!

An amazing meal at Moxies, after a long day of school, sewing exam and apartment hunting. Got off the subway station to my lovely bf, sat on the patio- looked around and see the rest of the ppl on my subway relaxing at Moxies too haha! We watched Transformer afterwards. Not bad, the action stuff was a little redundant, how can guys be so entertained by hours of explosions !
I was also a little disappointed Megan Fox was MIA..

(bottom left, friends sporting ready-to-wear dresses by moi )

So I finally held my fashion sale, have SO MUCH clothes as you can see. Friend (sporting my straw hat) & I spent an entire day handing out flyers, sticking it to bus stops and washroom stalls.
armed with duck tape @ FMP.
Only a few people I didn't know show up, but it was a lot of fun! Bunch of old friends came and one of them started playing the piano and singing- live music!

An older woman came by and bought one shirt and returned with a whole POSSY of older women! It was amazing! haha but they only stared at the 14/15 year old girls changing in and out of XS outfits. I think they were reminiscing of when they were young haha.

If there are any MARKHAM reader, feel free to contact me if you want to drop by, as the clothing are still on sale (took so long to set up I don't want to take it down just yet!)
after a long tiring slaving away day, and acting like a sales associate, I hit up RIBFEST across the STREET! It's going on for one more day if your interested! My area is getting more and more convenient ;)

a splurge on an all natural fabric cotton dress from Florida; after studying about all the chemically enhanced and manufactured fabric in "Fabric Science" class, I've come to really appreciate cottons and linens!


p.s. almost finished making my ruffled lavender short shorts! Matches the Purple skirt I made!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I heart Miami

Been a while since I shared a DIY! I got a few compliments today about my frayed shirt. Super easy to do, cut strips of 3/4 inches all along the hem of your tee and tie knots at the bottom!

I love these I (heart) {place} tees. I burned holes all over my I (heart) NY shirt, for a peek-a-boo effect, I think cutting holes would have been a better idea.. haha. off to school now!