Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Prasadam meal

zara HK skirt
self made blouse
HK cardigan & scarf

my first prasadam meal with the talented Anne-lise. She is definitely a spiritual soul.

She taught me Prasadam , a practice of bhatki yoga, which is food that has first been offered to God. The idea behind prasadam is human are difficult to please and therefore we go to great length to fulfill our desires by eating things we shouldn't and it leads to killing of innocent animals. We become bound up in the material world through our eating resulting in bad karma.

Prasadam is considered “karma-free” food that is offered to satisfy God and not to satisfy our senses. Prasadam is to remind us to be thankful for all we have and teaches us of resistance and patience (as it is all vegan food and you have to wait a few minutes after offering the food to God before eating it and your not allowed to try the food before it's done, how hard it was for me!).

Coriander, almond, carrot, green apple, tomato, celery root, hemp seeds, flax seeds, sprouts, almonds (soaked in water for extra enzymes)
olive oil, lime, lemon, cumin, cinnamon, cayenne pepper
quinoa (a grain like plant, only its seed is edible, tastes like rice! but much healthier)

one of the yummies meals I've had
your body feels heavenly after

p.s. smoking heels or what?


london loves said...

wow, probs for the food! i could never eat like that!

Diana said...

Most definitely smokin' and I love your hair updo. What's the exact color of your highlights?

Lucca Yoga said...

wow, gorgeous heels!

RicAdeMus said...

That meal does look tasty. It would make a nice change of pace for me. I like hair swept up like that..I like it down too, there's a time for both.

Really smoking heels!

Sanni said...

I love love love your creations with the fabric! so creative.
I too should start eating more "divine" It sounds like a good way to feel awesome and to give your body exactly what it needs.

whitney said...

Adorable photos! That food looks amazing.

Pippa said...

Mmmm those heels are gorgeous!! :)

And the food looks so so yummy! Makes me hungry :)

Thank you for your comment :)
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jezmacmania said...

amazing photos! and that food is making me really hungry. Props to you for eating like that. This is a great way to feed your body healthy foods and a great way to center and focus yourself on God. <3

Krystal said...

you totally sold that recipe to me, i wanna try it!
have the best w/e!

Chrisoula said...

haha cool heels!
your cardigan is so sweet

dressingup-everyday said...

Nice blog. I like your hair up, and the heels are awesome:)

Christine shelley candrawinata said...

i love your hair and your style ;)
that food look yummy.. said...

adorable outfit! and what a yummy, healthy-looking meal :) i'm having a parisian giveaway and i would love for you to join it! hope your having a lovely weekend!

love, M

vintage process said...

Really nice look!

M & Em said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the plaid with the polka dots! I'm not usually a fan of plaid at all, but you make it so cute!


Jane Alisa said...

Wonderl pictures, love your outfit. xoxo

ARIO ACHDA said...

i can really wear ur cardigan! seriously!!!! *drool* :)

thanks for stoppin by >.<

Alecto said...

i adore the plaid + ruffles combo and i LOVE quinoa!