Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Camping virgin no more

How my heart tingles with happiness!
250 followers and hundreds of beautiful, supportive and inspiring comments!
MERCI beaucoup pour tout le monde:)

Hope everyone had an amazing long weekend!

it's been a blur. once the sun came out from hibernation I've been out and about.
With my boyfriend's birthday, camping, grandfather in town etc. ...
Koopai top
Guess Jeans sweater
Tough Skirt
Costa Blanca Belt

Browns ID shoes (that ofc my bf would forget to include in my pic!)
camping at Omemee and I kid you not, we stayed at "EMILY'S Park" 8)
Ruby's Cafe/ Bakery. It was like being in my grandma's house with an open concept kitchen, domestic oven/ sink etc. (& fresh apple pies!)

how different the world is from a different angle.
shine bright!
new top I made :)!
check other tops I'm selling
HK long sleeve
UGGS rain boots
Parasuco Shorts
Aldo purse
our first night went so well that we stayed another night.

by the third day we look like this...
& dying for a shower
(friend & i were smart and did our laundry [yes there was a laundry mat!]
so at least we weren't walking BO)

my little shopping spree today @ Main Street Unionville. 75% off @ Blossom's end of lease sale!


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

fashion repeats

far far away. in the land of my closet, there lived a vibrant light turquoise, hippie, maxi skirt.

She was very lonely for half a decade.
until today!
Guess tanks
Guess Jeans maxi skirt
Costa Blanca tank
(hands were itchy to sketch)
so 21 000 lbs of icecream cake? I'm definitely there! DQ celebrates their anniversary while making a world record of the biggest icecream cake ever!

yes. i ATE a piece of history.
fireworks going off or alien landing?

back to school now and its worst than before! up at 5:45am, home by 6:30pm. ?!? but I got a field trip to the textile museum!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

lets getaway and celebrate

sorry for the lack of fashion, and overwhelming amount of food and wine in this post!

Remington @ Niagara Falls. My delicious stuffed chicken! Oh and the servers sing!
I actually ate this creme brule cheesecake BEFORE dinner...
chillin with the villin'
Peller Estate, cherry blossoms!
my first Danier leather jacket! (ofc it's yellow)
soy candles
best pizza place I ever went to, "Magic Oven" uses local and organic ingredients!
(Located at Parliament and Queen st.)
Niagara Falls equals wine tasting (Peller, Inniskillin, Jackson Triggs) and chocolate factories.
our beautiful view below.
Niagara on the Lake
Banana Republic silk dress
Bedo belt
Flats (in the pic below) Nine West
grab a pair of black comfy flats ( nine west $15 sale)
and bling it up with an Eiffel tower, jem and rose
I chose yellow to match my first self bought leather jacket from Danier


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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Prasadam meal

zara HK skirt
self made blouse
HK cardigan & scarf

my first prasadam meal with the talented Anne-lise. She is definitely a spiritual soul.

She taught me Prasadam , a practice of bhatki yoga, which is food that has first been offered to God. The idea behind prasadam is human are difficult to please and therefore we go to great length to fulfill our desires by eating things we shouldn't and it leads to killing of innocent animals. We become bound up in the material world through our eating resulting in bad karma.

Prasadam is considered “karma-free” food that is offered to satisfy God and not to satisfy our senses. Prasadam is to remind us to be thankful for all we have and teaches us of resistance and patience (as it is all vegan food and you have to wait a few minutes after offering the food to God before eating it and your not allowed to try the food before it's done, how hard it was for me!).

Coriander, almond, carrot, green apple, tomato, celery root, hemp seeds, flax seeds, sprouts, almonds (soaked in water for extra enzymes)
olive oil, lime, lemon, cumin, cinnamon, cayenne pepper
quinoa (a grain like plant, only its seed is edible, tastes like rice! but much healthier)

one of the yummies meals I've had
your body feels heavenly after

p.s. smoking heels or what?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring means rain

it looks miserable outside, I'm posting as much as I can this week as once school starts I'll be MIA again!
sewing for the last three hours and made this gathered pale yellow skirt.
Don't know if you can tell but I'm using my mom's Sony Exmor, which is a way better camera than my old samsung one. Hope your enjoy the new and improved pics ;)
(except I get lazy sometimes and use my phone's camera)
This is my room. After three months of sleeping on the floor I got my furnitures back. Lets just say moving was much procrastinated and more than a headache from a huge house to a penthouse! The crap everywhere, wish I can just throw things out without all the emotional attachments to the most random objects!
(lame sparkly thing, I know !)
first time eating in the food court of FMP in a super long time. oh how so fulfilling! Side drink of Carrot, cucumber and ginger, filling up on minerals clearly.

So super exciting news, I went for my first meeting for blogging for JCY House under a promotion company and ended up getting hired by the founder of all the JCY to help her out with fitting for the Sunshine Generation event during the summer and going to the suppliers and help style! I'm so excited!! Though it's like two months away.

Happy Lundi tout le monde.


p.s. did you vote today? (Canada)